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Little Tikes Activity Garden, sometimes also described as Little Tikes Discover Sounds Activity Garden, is a great toy which will allow your infants to discover sound activities. It is suitable for children of the ages 6 months to 3 years. Like most of the Little Tikes Toys it grows with your toddlers. Therefore the Activity Garden can be easily transformed (without any tools) from a play center to an open-playspace, two-sided play center which accommodates and engages your child to learning. The closed play configuration will allow babys to play safely inside of the center, but also to exit the center through the arches. Babys like the stimulating colors, shapes, and textures which they will find on every surface around them. The open Activity Garden setup allows older children to access both sides of the play-center and discover every single feature of the play gym.

Features of Little Tikes Activity Garden

Little Tikes Activity Garden has a great variety of features (toys and activities) to develop motor skills and cognitive ability of your little toddlers. They will discover a crawl through archway, a movable telescope to peer through, a shape-sorted Mailbox to learn about shapes and colors, a little door with a musical Tap-a-Tune piano which sits on top and can be used to discover some sounds. But that is still not everything the toddler activity gym has to offer! There is also a ball-drop flowerpot with four balls, several shutters that can be opened and closed as well as the two-sided take along play panel. One one side comes with a learning clock, a mirror, several colerful movable clicking bugs, a ball shaker (so called spinning ball toy as well as a clicking picture. On the other side of the play-panel a three language (English, Spanish and French) interactive play hone can be found. The phone engages your toddlers to learn numbers and counting with a press of a button. For the fun part, there are also animal sounds and some silly sound effects which will engage your little children, too.

As you can imagine, all these elements will add much excitement and fun to the lives of your childs.

Little Tykes Activity Garden is produced out of sturdy plastic and very easy to assemble. You will put all of the parts together in under an hour and your toddler can play countless hours and will be safe with this play environment. For the assembly you will need a Phillips screwdriver (see the instructions guide) – the optimal place to set this activity garden up will be a playroom where you have some free space. In the summer you can also bring the play environment to the garden or your terrace. Hint: for all features to work (also the discover sounds features) you will also need 3 AA batteries which are not included in the Activity Garden set.

What is included the Activity Garden box? You will find the following parts:
Ball return, 2 shutters, shutter door wall, window box, mailbox, mailbox base, door with piano key, , front door wall, large arch, small arch, 2 arch supports, telescope, telescope base, telescope nut, telescope screw, arch for slide, play center, slide, play center base, 3 letter blocks, 4 balls, 4 wall knobs, 27 screws, and instructions.

Product Details of Little Tikes Activity Garden

  • Product Dimensions: 33.5 x 28.2 x 25 inches; 15 pounds
  • Shipping Weight: 18.8 pounds
  • Producer: little tikes – Big Play!
  • Origin:┬áChina
  • Manufacturer recommended age: 6 months – 3 years
  • Batteries: 3 AA batteries required.
  • Best Uses: Indoor, Creative development, Imaginative play, Outdoors, Group activity
  • Instructions: Little Tikes Discover Sound Activity Garden Instruction Sheet

Little Tikes Discover Sounds Activity Garden Reviews – Pros and Cons

The Activity Garden of little tikes is a very popular toy in the USA. Nearly 8 out of 10 customers would recommend this activity play-center to their friends and other people. If you look at the reviews of the Activity Garden you will read about how good the quality of this little tike gym is and how the children love to play, discover and learn with this useful toy.

Satorogi, a Amazon.com customer writes:

“I found this toy being discussed on a mommy blog site and it had a lot of great comments so I thought I would give it a try! Well, I am glad I did because this is the kind of toys/entertainment that I would like my son to enjoy”

Reading several reviews the main point is, that kids can play countless hours with the activity garden – it’s never getting boring. Kenneth writes that the Little Tikes Activity Garden is “a great addition to our toy collection.” Because of that his “daughter spends countless hours playing with it.”

Also the reviews from the manufacturers website are very positive. Customers mention the following points as advantages and disadvantages of the Activity Garden playcenter:

Pros Cons
Fun Flimsy
Promotes learning
More information on Little Tikes Activity Garden in the video

If you want to learn more about the Activity Garden toy you can read through the customer reviews and product descriptions online and watch the following video from the manufacturer which gives an great overview of the toy:

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